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Allan E. Carty

Welcome to the official website of Allan E. Carty. As an emerging new author, his mission in life is to tell fun and interesting stories with humanity, humility and humour.



Children's Stories


Backyard Buddies:
Let the Badventures Begin!


Co-authors Gloria Lauris and Allan E. Carty along with illustrator Sarah Woronchak are pleased to share the illustrated version of three middle grade children’s badventure stories. 


According to JJ’s mom, a blue jay, a badventure is a bad adventure that turns out good in the end. Usually.

“In life there is the plan, and then there is what happens,” said Chippy.

The stories follow the antics of Chippy, the sensible chipmunk and Dash the anxious red squirrel and their backyard animal friends and foes. The importance of community, harmony and friendship is explored in a humorous and suspenseful way.


*   *   *

The cover is very attractive and foreshadows fun and mystery. The illustrations definitely add to the book and the number of them is just right. The map of the garden works very well for reference along the way and the simplicity of the black and white drawings is perfect.  I am curious to find out what badventures happen to these animals! A lovely read for kids and adults alike.”

Helen Rogers, Canadian Visual Artist, AB and ON

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The Case of the Missing Nuts

March, 2021

Check out the first work by co-authors Allan E. Carty and Gloria Lauris. "The Case of the Missing Nuts," is a short children's story about the adventures of Chippy the Chipmunk and some of his backyard buddies in solving this mystery of the missing nuts.

It is featured and showcased in Cloud Lake Literary's digital literary magazine, Volume 2,  March 26, 2021. For more information and to read, please check out

Invaders cover.jpg

Invaders Make BAD Neighbours
A Backyard Buddies Badventure

APRIL 2024

Co-authors Gloria Lauris and Allan E. Carty along with illustrator Sarah Woronchak are pleased to present their illustrated sequel to Let the Badventures Begin!, in a novella called Invaders Make BAD Neighbours.



Can a diverse group of northern backyard wild animal buddies led by an old, half-tailed chipmunk named Chippy help their new forest friends save their magnificent but dying Elder Tree?

While doing so, they must dodge jealous squirrels and crow clan vendettas. Will they save the ancient tree in time and survive themselves?

Above all, they will need to remember an important lesson from LBJ’s sparrow mother: “Tweet others the way you wish to be tweeted.”


 *   *   *  

CONGRATULATIONS on your magnificent new book. The page layout is well done, the illustrations are so perfectly attuned to the story, and the extra touches like the cast of characters, map and glossary really raise it to a special status.

I found the book to be an incredibly accomplished story, so deeply skillful on so many levels…It was a total pleasure to be immersed in its creative world! It is a gem of a story and I feel like I have come to know the characters on a whole new level.”


E. Cloutier, Retired Family Therapist and Research Analyst, Ottawa, ON

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Story of Allan E. Carty

Allan E. Carty was born in Zweibrucken Germany. His father was a serving member of the Canadian Forces while his mother was born and raised in Zweibrucken. As a member of a military family, and later, as a military officer himself, Allan lived in five provinces, 12 cities / bases and over 20 homes. He has travelled to many countries including the United States, Mexico, Jamaica, The Dominican Republic, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, South Korea, Russia and the Ukraine. 

Allan has a Bachelor’s Honours degree  in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Education. After years of writing learning and development policy, education and training curricula and program instructional manuals, Allan is turning his attention to more creative endeavours. He is a keen observer of life and has recently developed an interest in telling children stories about the animals found in backyard Canada. Through his storytelling, he hopes to encourage and inspire young children, including his own grandchildren, to respect and appreciate all animals for they too are on the delicate journey of life.

Allan makes his home in Ottawa Ontario, Canada, where he spends his time reflecting, writing and feeding backyard critters.


Get in touch to discover more writings by Allan E. Carty and to follow his literary adventures.

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